An exciting new way to tell your story

You may have noticed, we’ve been a little quiet lately. That’s because we’ve been working on something quite exciting. 

As you know, we’re a strategic internal communications consultancy. We help our clients build great teams through better communications. Increasingly though, we’re being asked to take on creative projects - anything from writing editorials for a luxury magazine, to developing compelling web content for an HR consulting group. 

We wanted to be able to meet these requests, without confusing the Ursa Brand. So, we’ve adopted a little sister!

AlphaJuliet is the creative arm of Ursa Communications. AlphaJuliet will take on copywriting and content development for a wide variety of clients, bringing a young and playful energy to the work we already do. Through AlphaJuliet we will also run writing courses for teams and businesses, helping you to tell your story more effectively and connect with the people that matter most to you. 

AlphaJuliet. Your story, made beautiful.