Spring is for new things

Today is the first day of Spring, and fittingly the sun is shining and we saw the very first crocuses peeking out of the earth this morning.

Spring is about newness, and like a bear emerging from its den, we at Ursa are also looking toward new beginnings - we have a new website, a fresh approach, and now we’re looking to meet new people. Being a young company, we understand you don’t really know us yet; but we hope you’d like to. 

So, we have a suggestion: If you have a specific communications challenge you'd like advice on, we will give you an hour of our time to talk it over, free of charge.

If you think we can help more, we'll give you a quote. If not, it will have been a pleasure meeting you. We don't like pushy salespeople either, and we won't bug you. 

Sound helpful? Then please get in touch - we're already looking forward to talking to you.