Some of our services

communication strategy development

Move from being reactive to being proactive. Only 30 percent of employees are able to articulate their organization's strategy. We can help you communicate your strategy effectively, so your people understand their roles, and will want to be your biggest brand ambassadors.

Communications audits

An honest and holistic review of your internal communications provides a valuable baseline and helps you shape your strategy. We help you understand your performance across channels, audiences, measurement and reporting and communication effectiveness, to support your continuous improvement.

Communications coaching and training

We will work with executives and teams to meet specific communications needs. Whether it's developing communications confidence for leaders or helping graduates write for business, we can partner with your organization to improve communications outcomes.

At Ursa Communications we're not afraid to get our hands dirty. We provide a wide variety of internal communications advisory and training services.

wellbeing communications

Increasingly, organizations are recognizing the importance of a workforce that is physically and mentally healthy. From reducing absenteeism due to seasonal illness, to limiting of the cost of stress-related mental health conditions, to building a great employee experience: good leaders know there is a strong return on investment associated with having sound wellbeing policies. Let us help you tell your employees that you care about their health. We have extensive experience working on campaigns breaking down stigma about mental health, and communicating employee benefits to help you build a healthier and more resilient team. 

Take a look at this award-winning campaign that our Managing Director, Alison, produced previously.

Change & crisis communications

We draw on our extensive change management background to support your people through organizational change. A nose-to-tail approach helps everyone from senior leaders to frontline teams become advocates for change.

Things aren't going according to plan? When organizations are feeling the heat, they often focus on dealing with the media and shareholders, forgetting that everyone on the inside is an amateur journalist with a smartphone. Let us focus on supporting your people through a crisis, so you can focus on getting back on track.

Content development across digital and traditional media

Telling your story is our passion. We develop an in-depth understanding of your organization, then craft stories that build meaningful connections. From internal magazine articles to video to multi-channel campaigns, we can help you be heard over the noise.

Need beautiful, creative written content for external audiences too? Visit our sister company, AlphaJuliet, for compelling stories and eagle-eyed copy editing for websites, social, marketing materials and annual and investor reports.

We're young but growing: see some of recent our clients and projects.

We're the new kids on the block. We know you don't know us yet, but we hope you'd like to; so we have a suggestion: If you have a specific communications challenge you'd like advice on, we will give you an hour of our time to talk it over, free of charge.

If you think we can help more, we'll give you a quote. If not, it will have been a pleasure meeting you. We don't like pushy salespeople either, and we won't bug you. 

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