who we are

We're a boutique internal communications consultancy based in Toronto, Canada, but we are citizens of the digital age and support clients London, New York and Melbourne, Australia, to name a few.

We are:


We know that telling the right story to the right audience is the heart of good communication.


Businesses that prioritize people significantly outperform the market. We draw on our extensive corporate experience to help you execute your strategy, by ensuring your employees understand no just your business objectives, but how they can deliver them. 


Organizations are built and run, ultimately, on human relationships. We use proven communications approaches to help you build genuine connections with the people that matter most, your employees. So your organization can thrive.

Ursa Communications is a strategic internal communications consultancy based in Toronto. We provide insight into your most complex internal communications and employee experience challenges. Picture of binoculars.

And why Ursa? Because the great bear is the only constellation that never sinks below the horizon: we are committed to partnering with our clients as they pursue their aspirations.

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